Kotor, Montenegro: Ain’t no love in the heart of the town

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Two years have passed since i have been living in the most beautiful city in the world, or at least one that is listed as the most beautiful to visit this year. I’m not saying that I’m not happy and grateful for it. In fact, when I started my blog, I wanted to write about Kotor. And I promise, I’ll write.

When I moved in here for the first time I strongly believed in the soul of this city, and then it was so hard to find it. At first glance, Kotor evaporates with it’s spirit, but at the first touch, every stone of this city is so cold and gray. Ain’t no love in the heart of the city! Ain’t no love in the heart of the town!

Kotor makes you feel alone if you spend enough time here. People come and go, and you stay between these stones , and the stones are not the place where you should be. It seems to you that the sea is no the sea anymore and the water is not the water in which you can come to quench your thirst.

But you’re so thirsty.

Oh and sometimes you wake up in the morning, and that view welcomes you.  The view that makes you feel guilty for saying that Kotor is gray. Some mornings are shining painfully, and they makes you feel bad that you’re not glowing with them.

You’re wondering if you’re depressed or if all this city is depressed and at times you can’t find the answer to this question.

I asked for months.

Then I stopped.

Because then came spring and Kotor .. oh, Kotor – lying again.

Or only then telling the truth.

Kotor can bring you a good man, who is just passing by. Kotor can bring you the morning sunlights to wake you up in the morning and the smell of coffee.

It almost brings you that coffee to your bed.

And you forget that it was cold.

As a lover for whom you are attached, and when you play strongly, forget that he played a cold.

And you’re hugging him and kissing, you dance in the narrow streets that are the most beautiful streets in the world.

And my God, they are the most beautiful in the world.

It brings you beautiful people. Friends, lovers, drifters, travelers. It brings you wine, smiles, hugs, stories that you will remember forever.  It brings you yourself. It makes you question yourself as the best psychologist, makes you be alone with yourself, so you can be the best version of yourself when you’re with other people. It makes you become the stone. The stone with a soul. And what, in this world, is more precious?

You do not care, your beloved  took you under his wing, forcing scents and sighs happening after your steps and tells you that you’re beautiful.

A woman is even more beautiful when she walks through the streets of The old town.

And you’re telling to Kotor that it is beautiful.

You’re falling in love.

Write a poem about it.

And you know it will hurts as soon as first winter comes.

But it’s okay.

After Kotor you will be the beautiful, stunning rock.

And you have to be a rock in this mad world.

Just don’t forget the soul.

Kotor haven’t forget its soul.

(just too good at hiding)



Bay of Kotor: Seagull’s rock beach



Indian summer.

Not that I do not like autumn, on the contrary.

But indian summer.

Just as it was all these days, as it brings a smile and sentences to me, while with the other arm I hug my dear fall, watching a cup of tea as it smokes and turning my room into a cloud of cinnamon.

This is the only season with whom I hang out in silence. I go hiking, walking, but all boil down to a warm sweater, a cup of tea, a wreath of dried figs, a good book.

I get so tired of summer, that fall comes as a balm for body and soul. Peaceful eve where I can rest. To tuck until the next adventure.

I wanted to take you to the place where I was a few days ago, I guess, nothing spectacular, ” just another beach’. But you will understand, on every step I see one world’s wonder more.

This beach should not be skipped if you are in Kotor, Seagull’s rock. It is located at around 6km from The Old Town. Especially in the indian summer. My favorite in the city, especially if Darko Rundek is playing..





Nije da ne volim jesen, naprotiv.

Ali miholjsko.

Bas onakvo kakvo je bilo svih ovih dana, kakvo mi mami osmjehe i recenice, dok drugom rukom grlim svoju dragu jesen, posmatrajuci solju caja kako se pusi i pretvara moju sobu u oblak cimeta.

Ovo je jedino godisnje doba sa kojim se druzim u tisini. Poneko planinarenje, setnja, ali sve se svede na topao dzemper, solju caja, vijenac suvih smokava, dobru knjigu.

Toliko se istrosim ljeti, da mi jesen dodje kao melem i za tijelo i za dusu. Mirno predvecerje u kom mogu da se odmorim. Da se ususkam do sledecih avantura.

Htjela sam da vas povedem na mjesto na kojem sam bila prije par dana, Pretpostavljam, nista spektakularno, ‘’jedna plazica vise’’. Razumjecete, meni je na svakom koraku po jedno svetsko cudo.

Plazica koju ne smijete da zaobidjete ako ste u Kotoru, Galebova stijena. Nalazi se na nekih 6km od starog grada. Posebna u miholjsko. Meni najdraza u gradu, posebno ako svira Rundek…